Occu-Pied with 12 Favorite Pie Places in Chicago

Chicago is known for pizza pies, but there are also the sweet traditional pies that peak in the fall for their taste, flavors and more. Here are our favorites keeping us occu-pied, rolled and filled and crusted for the season in Chicago.

Baker Miller
An organic bakery with a restaurant serving brunch and brekky all day serves up an acclaimed favorite, the blueberry pie, and a delectable cherry crumble. Plus more savory bites to relish. 

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits
Bang Bang created “Frankenpies” made up of up to three different flavors for those who can’t decide which one to eat! Try the honey pie with lavender and sea salt, the key lime with graham cracker crust or the roasted pumpkin pie.

Blue Sky Bakery
Blue Sky does more than create sweet and savory pastries made with the freshest, highest quality ingredients. As a nonprofit organization, we also raise the edible consciousness of the community by providing transitional employment to homeless and at-risk youth. For savory seekers, there are quiches, with herbs grown in Blue Sky’s garden, and for sweet pies, there are many fruity and one delicious dark chocolate pecan pie.

A gluten free bakery in Chicago with cute, homemade pies that are stuffed with apple, cranberry, and pumpkin, with cheesecakes and cakes aplenty too.

Empanada Mama & The Pie Man
Two guys from New York and Cape Town bake up the tastiest empanadas and pies. Flavors like spiced pumpkin, cherries jubilee, chocolate pecan and coconut and pineapple and mango are all deep dish pies. There are also savory pies like mac n' cheese, eggplant parmesan and lobster mac n' cheese pies with a butter crust. 

First Slice
A charity component with pies that think about the community? Perfect! The local favorite is the  chocolate peanut butter pie, and the apple pie is one of the nation's finest as per Food & Wine.

Hoosier Pie Company
The Hoosier Mama Pie Company by Paula Haney and Craig Siegelin is a new artisanal bakery striving to be a great “old” pie company. The pumpkin and the classic apple are the city's favorites.

A French bakery and Filipino restaurant hybrid in Ukrainian Village with a flamboyant menu throughout the year, with holiday favorites like Ube & huckleberry basque cakes, berry & crème fraîche cheesecakes and more, Genie Kwon and Tim Flores. There is Lemon Pecan Pie, Classic Pumpkin Pie, Double Crust Apple Pie, Chocolate & Salted Caramel and so much more.

Spinning J
With its antique soda fountain from Milwaukee step back into time with a trip to childhood. Unusual pies have everyone craving for the bourbon pecan pie and key lime hibiscus pie giving it a pink color that is unbeatable. And... of course, the guava cheesecake.

Stephanie Izard has rebooted her West Loop bakery with whacky and unusual flavor combos, like a chocolate pie with shoestring potatoes, French silk and pecan and cupcakes that taste like pancakes. The pecan pie even has sauce and sake! The street style food is interpreted as apple pie with with caramel, cheese, and chili, and the chocolate pie has fried potatoes to remind us that once, we dipped fries into a chocolate milkshake too!

Sweet Mandy B's

A cute store that serves up all of Wonka's sweets and old fashioned desserts. The whole nine-inch pies include banana cream, lemon meringue and apple cherry.

Vanille Patisserie
Known for whimsical cakes all year round, the pie program in the fall is one that gives back, too. This the spot is are bringing back our pie donation & sponsorship program benefiting @fight2feed, to reach a goal of providing 250 pies. 

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